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560x30 - N 9000, Hubs with Bolted Brake Disc

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560x30 - N 9000, Hubs with Bolted Brake Disc Overview

560x30 - N 9000, Hubs with Bolted Brake Disc


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Name 560x30 - N 9000, Hubs with Bolted Brake Disc
Weight 67.4 kg
Max. Rotation Speed 2600 rpm
dG - St 52-3 Max. Final Bore 100 mm
n - Number of Bolts 15
Bolt Size M16x70
Bolt Tightening Torque 295 N.m
A 560 mm
b1 30 mm
D3 145 mm
D4 172 mm
DF 140 mm
DH 200 mm
I6 20 mm
I12 206.5 mm
I20 175 mm
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