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Single Plate Electromagnetic Brake/Clutch

Single Plate Electromagnetic Brake/Clutch

Single Plate Electromagnetic Brake/Clutch

KBetter is a quick growing company in China Wuxi and focusing on the customization production of transmission components like brake and motor etc. We’re servicing the global companies with a global sales team in Poland, Finland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia Malaysia and China.

Working Conditions

A friction-plate brake uses a single plate friction surface to engage the input and output members of the clutch. In an electromagnetic brake, the north and south pole is created by a coil shell and a wound coil. In a brake, the armature is being pulled against the brake field. The frictional contact, which is being controlled by the strength of the magnetic field, is what causes the rotational motion to stop.

Engagement of Brakes

There are three parts to an electromagnetic brake: field, armature, and hub (which is the input on a brake). Usually the magnetic field is bolted to the machine frame (or uses a torque arm that can handle the torque of the brake). So when the armature is attracted to the field the stopping torque is transferred into the field housing and into the machine frame decelerating the load. This can happen very fast in 1-3sec.

Disengagement of Brakes

Once the field starts to degrade, flux falls rapidly and the armature separates. One or more springs hold the armature away from its corresponding contact surface at a predetermined air gap.


Solution for power transmission and automation for application in variety of sectors:

  • Entrance Control
  • Automation
  • Machine Tool
  • Shipbuilding
  • Metalforming & Cutting
  • Textile
  • Lifting & Transport

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