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Toothed Electromagnetic Brake/Clutch

Toothed Electromagnetic Brake/Clutch

KBetter is a quick growing company in China Wuxi and focusing on the customization production of transmission components like brake and motor etc. We’re servicing the global companies with a global sales team in Poland, Finland, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia Malaysia and China.

The reliable, electrically-operated KETC toothed clutch provides high torque capacity in a small package. Units are activated by power-on and designed for engagement at very low speeds and random operation while serving as a positive coupling drive without slipping.

Whether it’s tooth clutches with fixed point switching for precise synchronization, rugged pole face friction clutches to be combined with internal-combustion engines or multiple disc clutches for switching at a differential speed and in oil operation- you can obtain an optimum clutch design for practically every application, characterized by compact dimensions, high torque transfer and absolute reliability.


Solution for power transmission and automation for application in variety of sectors:

  • Entrance Control
  • Automation
  • Machine Tool
  • Shipbuilding
  • Metalforming & Cutting
  • Textile
  • Lifting & Transport

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