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SIBRE Brakes

SIBRE Brakes

As a leading industrial brake company, Hindon is proud to offer the Sibre brand of industrial brake solutions from Siegerland Bremsen. Since 1958, Siegerland Bremsen has combined their knowledge and experience into their Sibre brakes, making them a trusted name across the globe.

Among these are various drum and disc fail-safe designs, as well as active braking systems. These can be actuated by electromagnetic, pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic thruster power sources. With this diverse product offering, Hindon's braking systems provide simple, reliable and cost effective solutions that are engineered and applied with safety as the highest priority for various industries including bridge applications.

A few examples of current Sibre brake models we offer:

Sibre TE 160 Sibre USB Series SHI 50 Series
Sibre TE-I 10 Sibre USB-3-I, USB3-1 SHI51, SHI52, SHI53, SHI54
Sibre TE 200 Sibre USB3-III, USB3-111 SHI 75 Series
Sibre TE 250   SHI100 Series
Sibre TE 315   SHI101 to SHI107
Sibre TE 400   SHI 200 Series
    SHI 201 to SHI202
    SHI250 Series
    SHI 251 to SHI252


Hindon Has The Solution For Your Braking Problem

For high torque, high temperature or high speed applications, check out our Industrial Disc Brake Systems. Where the most cost effective solution is needed and torque and speed are relatively low, consider using our Industrial Drum Brake Solutions.

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