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Wind Turbine Brakes

Wind Turbine Brakes

Hindon offers an entire range of brakes exclusively designed for the wind turbine industry and differing climate conditions.  These brakes are used for rotor applications as well as yaw control.  Rotor brakes control overspeed, and provide parking and emergency braking. We offer two types of brakes on a wind turbine-- both hydraulic applied, “active” brakes, as well as hydraulic released, spring applied “fail-safe” brakes. "Active" brakes are used for  stopping and holding. With a minimum air gap the response time is shortened and can allow for fast braking. "Spring" applied fail-safe brakes mean that the braking starts when the oil pressure to the brake disappears. Fail-Safe brakes can be used for a range of different purposes such as parking and emergency stopping in case of power failure.

The brake disc orientation can be either horizontal or vertical.  Selected models are bolt-in replacements for other brake manufacturer’s designs.  With such a diverse product offering, Hindon's windmill braking systems provide simple, reliable and cost effective solutions that are engineered and applied with safety as the highest priority.

We carry a complete line of ABT wind turbine disc brakes.

Windmill Brakes by Application:

Yaw Brakes - Active Rotor Brakes - Active Rotor Brakes - Fail-safe
ABT 75 G ABS 75 FC SHI 75 FC
ABT 90 G ABS 120 FC FSB 75 FC
ABT 75 S ABT 75 G-R FSB 100 FC
ABT 90 S ABT 90 G-R  
ABT 120 G ABT 75 S-R  
  ABT 90 S-R  


Hindon Has The Solution For Your Braking Problem. For further information about our wind turbine brake products, please inquire online or call us at (843) 763-6616

  • Yaw and rotor brakes are two different types of brakes used in wind turbine braking systems. Hindon carries both active and failsafe brakes for wind turbines.
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