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Yaw and Rotor Brakes

Yaw and Rotor Brakes for Wind Turbines

Yaw and rotor brakes are two different types of brakes used in wind turbine braking systems. Hindon carries both active and failsafe brakes for wind turbines. A yaw brake, whether active or fail-safe, is designed to arrest the head, properly known as the nacelle, of the turbine from turning (the axis of rotation being perpendicular to the ground). A rotor brake is meant to arrest the motion of the rotor and indirectly the blades (the axis of rotation being parallel to the ground). Together the yaw and rotor brake can stop the blades from turning and keep the head properly called the nacelle oriented in place. Stopping the rotors during times when the wind speed is too high one of the most important jobs of wind turbine rotor brakes.

Yaw brakes are important for keeping the nacelle correctly oriented to maximize power generation. Most yaw systems between the tower and the nacelle use disc brakes. In this system, brake calipers clamp on the disc to prevent the nacelle from turning.

Hindon offers an entire range of brakes exclusively designed for the wind turbine industry and differing climate conditions.

Yaw Brakes - Active Rotor Brakes - Active Rotor Brakes - Fail-safe
ABT 75 G ABS 75 FC SHI 75 FC
ABT 90 G ABS 120 FC FSB 75 FC
ABT 75 S ABT 75 G-R FSB 100 FC
ABT 90 S ABT 90 G-R  
ABT 120 G ABT 75 S-R  
  ABT 90 S-R  


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