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CB8-E-100-400 CB8-E Compact Caliper Disc Brakes

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  • CB8-E-100-400 CB8-E Compact Caliper Disc Brakes
CB8-E-100-400 Specifications

CB8-E-100-400 Overview

CB8-E-100-400 Series CB8-E compact caliper disc brake is spring applied, standard model offers automatic lining wear compensation and an adjustable braking torque.


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Name CB8-E-100-400
Brake Torque min. (N-m) 620
Brake Torque max. (N-m) 1220
Brake Torque (N-m) 620 to 1220 N·m
B - Thickness Standard 20 mm
D1 - Average Friction Diameter 340 mm
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter 400 mm
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter2 400
D3 - Max. Coupling or Hub Diameter 260 mm
B - Thickness Optional 12.7 mm
16 mm
25 mm
30 mm
No Preference
Options Manual release device
Switches "open"
Switches "pad wear limit"

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