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Container Crane Industry

Container crane applications require highly reliable equipment able to withstand heavy usage in outdoor marine environments.

For over 25 years, we have been supplying high quality bulk material handling equipment to the container crane industry. We have partnered with the top manufacturers in the industry to offer a line of bulk handling equipment and container cranes power transmission equipment with the capability to move and control large containers of varying weights.

Sibre Brakes – Hindon partnered with Sibre Brakes to offer a wide range of options for container crane operations.

  • Fail Safe Brakes – These brakes provide reliable holding, service and e-stop operation in the event of a power loss or fault in the variable frequency drive or PLC in the drive system. They are ideal for heavy duty operations, such container crane operations. We offer a full line of disc and drum brakes.
  • Spring-Applied Brakes – Used for overhead crane hoists, trolley and bridges, and port cranes, these brakes provide safe holding and e-stop for heavy weight loads.
  • Electromagnetic Brakes – Used for lighter duty operations, these brakes provide secure holding and e-stop for travel drives.

Power Transmission Products – Hindon has partnered with Kumera to offer a wide range of power transmission equipment designed to withstand heavy use and outdoor marine environments. We offer standard and custom configurations to meet your container crane applications.

We offer full support from the initial consultation through installation and follow-up services. We also offer full inspection, maintenance and repair services.

Hindon has the expertise to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers and their container crane applications. Contact us today.

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