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Steel Mill

Steel mill operations require bulk material handling equipment that can operate in a high-volume, extreme temperature environment. Cranes, hoists and rolling equipment as well as pan feeders must operate reliably and safely.

Hindon has been providing material handling and rolling equipment solutions to the steel mill industry for over 25 years. Our experienced staff has the expertise to design, engineer and manufacture material handling equipment solutions for the demanding requirements of steel mill processing.

We have partnered with many of the leading manufacturers of steel mill equipment to provide our clients with innovative systems that meet the exact specifications for their steel mill applications.

Sibre Brakes – Hindon’s line of Sibre Brakes offers our customers a wide range of brake options for steel mill applications.

  • Fail Safe Brakes – Fail safe brakes provide reliable holding and single stop operation in the event of a power loss or fault in the variable frequency drive or PLC in the drive system. They are used in downhill or overland conveyors and perform well in heavy duty operations, such as steel mill rolling and coiling systems. We offer a full line of disc and drum brakes.
  • Spring-Applied Brakes – Spring-applied brakes are used for cranes, hoists and trolleys to provide safe holding and e-stop for heavy weight loads.
  • Electromagnetic Brakes – Used for lighter-weight loads, electromagnetic brakes provide secure holding and e-stop for coiler adjustment points, coke pusher cars, and small hoists.

Invicta Vibrators – When scrap metal is a source material for the steel mill, Invicta vibrators are an ideal choice to provide reliable material pan feeder conveying systems. They are designed to withstand the combined effects of high operating load, continuous duty cycles and hostile environments. We offer explosion-proof vibrators for hazardous environments.

Power Transmission Products – Hindon offers a wide range of power transmission products manufactured by Kumera that operate effectively and efficiently in the harsh environments found in steel mills. Hindon offers standard and custom configurations.

We offer full support from the initial consultation through installation and follow-up services. We also offer full inspection, maintenance and repair services

Hindon has the expertise to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers and their steel mill bulk material handling applications. Contact us today.

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