Hindon is a specialty distributor/fabricator of engineered industrial products used in material handling and other industrial applications. Working with both OEMs and users of industrial machinery, Hindon specializes in providing solutions that are designed specifically to our customers’ needs. By combining robust engineering expertise, distribution relationships with leading global manufacturers whose products we know inside and out, and our own fabrication capabilities, Hindon is able to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions that help our customers minimize downtime and maximize productivity.


Husband and wife entrepreneurs Mike and Loretta Nickel founded Hindon in 1983 when they discovered the value they could provide the industrial marketplace by specializing in application and support of niche, highly technical, products. With a focus on challenging material handling applications, Mike and Loretta Nickel began Hindon’s now long-running tradition of providing solutions that incorporate engineered industrial products that require a deep technical understanding of each product’s capabilities/limitations and how to apply these products to various applications to achieve the desired result.

In 1987, Loretta’s son, Eric Schulz, joined Hindon as the industrial vibrator salesperson and oversaw the growth of Invicta Vibrators in the U.S. He became company President in 1993 when his stepfather became unexpectedly ill.

In 1995, Bradley Hunt joined Hindon and was instrumental in further developing Hindon’s robust consultative engineering approach, especially as it related to Hindon’s industrial braking systems. Brad also designed Hindon’s ROPLEX™ Rotary Discharger, a live bottom feeder with a rugged, yet maintenance friendly, design. To recognize his leadership efforts and product design achievements, Brad was made an equity owner alongside Eric Schulz.

After running Hindon for over two decades, Eric and Brad began to consider how best to transition the company to ensure its long-term success. In 2019, the owners capitalized on the opportunity to transition ownership and leadership of the company to Noah Krimm, who shared their and the family’s passion for industry, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.

Today, Hindon maintains its over 35-year commitment to delivering the right product solutions engineered to the unique requirements of our customers’ industrial applications and supporting our products and the people who depend on them however we can.

We look forward to working with you.

ROPLEX Discharger Assembly

ROPLEX™ Discharger Assembly

Industrial vibrator inventory in 198x

Industrial vibrator inventory in 1984

Hindon Industrial Braking Systems preparing for shipment