Hydraulic fail-safe brakes are spring applied and use hydraulic pressure to hold open the brake. If the brake is turned off or power is lost, the spring engages the brake.

We incorporate both hydraulic disc and drum brakes into our industrial braking systems. We also provide comprehensive repair services for these brakes.


Hydraulically released brakes are able to achieve very high torque ranges. This high torque output is important in safety brake applications, for instance when performing an e-stop by braking on the output shaft. Hydraulic brakes can also be configured in a compact design, making them ideal for use in situations where space is limited.


Hydraulic brakes require the use of a hydraulic system including a hydraulic power unit and fluid lines, which can increase the complexity, cost, and maintenance requirement of the industrial braking system. In comparison, a thruster brake typically requires less infrastructure investment and ongoing maintenance. Also, if you are concerned about leaking hydraulic fluid, an electromagnetic brake could be a safer option.

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