Wind TurbineHindon offers an entire range of brakes exclusively designed for the wind turbine industry and different climate conditions. Designed for rotor applications as well as yaw control, rotor brakes control over-speed with emergency braking and provide parking for the rotor, while yaw brakes use active braking to maintain the position of the nacelle at all times.

Hindon offers two types of industrial disc and drum brakes for wind turbines: hydraulically-applied, “active” brakes, and hydraulically-released, spring-applied fail-safe brakes. Used for stopping and holding, active brakes feature a minimum air gap for a shortened response time and fast braking.

Industrial fail-safe brakes

Spring-applied brakes allow the braking action to start when the hydraulic pressure to the brake disappears. Fail-safe brakes can be used for a range of wind turbine applications, such as parking and emergency stopping in case of power failure.

The brake disc orientation can be either horizontal or vertical. Selected models are bolt-in replacements for other brake manufacturer’s designs.

Commitment to service and support

Hindon is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our products and the people who depend on them. From initial consultation to inspection, maintenance, and repair services, our goal is to provide the right equipment for your application and to keep your product in top shape for its full lifecycle. If you’re not sure which product is right for your application, call or chat with one of our sales engineers.