Thrusters are cleaned and disassembled prior to inspection

All electrohydraulic thrusters returned for service at Hindon are subject to a comprehensive inspection. This inspection begins with testing winding and insulation integrity. This testing is followed by a complete disassembly of the thruster to allow for a thorough visual inspection of all components. The motor housing and rotor bearing surfaces are checked for damage, along with the impeller and housing. The piston and cylinder bore are then inspected for damage and excessive wear. The piston rod is also closely inspected for any signs of wear or pitting that would present sealing problems.

Once the thruster has been fully inspected, we provide a detailed inspection report that explains the results of the inspection and provides a quote for our suggested repair.

When performing repairs, we use factory-original parts in order to ensure a like-new repair. We use only the highest quality, factory-specified, components in our thruster repairs.


All critical tolerances are measured and compared to the appropriate specification

Upon completion of repair, each repaired thruster is subjected to a complete operational test, including electrical amperage testing and hydraulic leak testing.  Units are then finish painted with machinery enamel paint and crated for return shipment.

Hindon electrohydraulic thruster service provides the best turnaround time and most comprehensive thruster repair available, backed by decades of thruster repair experience. We encourage you to send us your electrohydraulic thrusters for guaranteed service and repair.