Invicta’s pneumatic piston vibrators produce a reciprocating linear force when compressed air is supplied through the inlet port. This force is generated by a piston shuttling from end to end in the vibrator body.

BCAR Series

The BCAR series uses continuous running air and a cushioned forward and backward stroke for quiet operation. The BCAR series is generally used for powering small screens, feeders, and tables.

BCIR Series

The BCIR series is continuously impacting. On the forward stroke, the hardened end of the piston strikes a mounting plate on the structure to be vibrated, giving a high energy impact, while the back stroke is air cushioned. The BCAR series is ideal for the promotion of flow of materials in hoppers.

BSIR Series

The BSIR series is single impacting model. Normally controlled by a solenoid valve and an Invicta electronic timer, the BSIR series can provide up to 100 impacts per minute. Between impacts, the piston is held in the retracted position.


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