Whether you’re a design engineer working on new equipment or a plant manager looking for a replacement part, Hindon provides the support you need to keep your equipment running optimally. For over 35 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to specialty engineered industrial products and supporting those who use them.

Industrial Brakes by Type

  • industrial disc brake, fail-safe brake, fail-safe disc brake, industrial brake

    Disc Brakes

    Designed for applications that require safety devices to prevent uncontrolled operation, such as conveyor drives, cranes, hoists and winches, and bulk material processing equipment.

  • industrial brake, industrial drum brake, fail-safe brake, fail-safe drum brake, thruster drum brake, industrial holding brake

    Drum Brakes

    Designed for holding/e-stop applications that don’t generate extreme heat or high shaft speed in normal operation.

Fail-Safe Brakes by Type (Actuation)

Industrial Vibrators

  • industrial-electric-vibrator

    Industrial Electric Vibrators

    Standard rotary electric vibrators provide industry leading quality, reliability, and durability.

  • explosion-proof-vibrator

    Explosion-Proof Vibrators

    Designed for use in hazardous environments where explosive dust and gas could be present.

  • pneumatic-piston-vibrator

    Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

    Provide a reciprocating linear force using compressed air. Air-cushioned, continuous impacting, and single impacting models available.

  • hydraulic-vibrator

    Hydraulic Vibrators

    Designed for mobile applications where it’s advantageous to use a hydraulic power supply.

Additional Products

Commitment to service and support

Hindon is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our products and the people who depend on them. From initial consultation to inspection, maintenance, and repair services, our goal is to provide the right equipment for your application and to keep your product in top shape for its full lifecycle. If you’re not sure which product is right for your application, call or chat with one of our sales engineers.