Our passion for specialty engineered industrial products does not end in the sales or engineering office – it extends to our shop floor, where we provide repairs on all products we sell including industrial vibrators, industrial brakes, and electrohydraulic thrusters.

Our repair services are just another way we provide unique support to the people who depend on our products. In addition to performing the highest quality repairs with a warranty that we stand behind, we’ll help you understand why the product failed and, in many instances, what you can do to get more life out of the product.

Send us your product (contact us to let us know it’s coming) and let us have a look – we think you’ll quickly understand what makes us different.

  • Product Expertise: Our decades of experience and deep knowledge of the specialty products we provide set us apart from generalist repair shops. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, we’ve always focused exclusively on repairing the niche products we sell. The benefits of our focused approach are compelling: we know what to look for, understand things like critical tolerances, stock and use only factory-original parts, and maintain complete records on products we sell.
  • Warranty: We are proud of our repairs and are confident they’ll perform like new. All of our repairs come with a standard 12-month warranty.