A large taconite miner/processer, situated in a prominent iron-rich area of the Midwest U. S., needed a way to hold their large kiln during maintenance to ensure the kiln would not rotate when plant personnel worked inside of it.

An engineering firm working for the taconite miner contacted Hindon regarding the development of the kiln maintenance braking system. In addition to reliably holding the kiln during plant maintenance, because the mining operation wanted to use the braking system across multiple kiln lines, Hindon was asked to develop and supply a complete braking system including brake calipers, HPU, disc/hub, and couplings that could be temporarily installed on any of the kiln drive lines during maintenance.

Application Challenges:

  • Provide complete turn-key braking system that could be easily moved and installed on different kiln drive lines during maintenance outages
  • Design, manufacture, and delivery kiln braking system by planned plant shutdown date


Custom Industrial Disc Braking System

Skid-mounted disc brake assembly featuring two hydraulically released floating caliper disc brakes

After assessing the technical requirements for the kiln holding brake and reviewing the other existing kiln drive components, Hindon designed and supplied a skid-mounted disc brake assembly consisting of two hydraulically released floating caliper disc brakes, two single engagement gear couplings, a disc/hub assembly, and a compact hydraulic power unit.

The skid-mounted braking system could be easily moved between different kiln drives, providing operational flexibility and cost savings for the taconite miner. The entire turn-key solution was designed, manufactured, and delivered on a tight timeline – shipping between winter holidays, the system was installed and commissioned in time for the customer’s year end maintenance shutdown.