• Conveyer, Steel mill
    Emergency Downhill Conveyor Brake for Steel Mill

    Spring-applied electrohydraulic thruster released disc braking system, provided with a custom disc/hub assembly, designed to optimize available space in order to meet high torque requirement of customer’s emergency brake application.

  • Tire Rubber Mill Machine
    Safety Brake for Rubber Mill

    Spring applied electrohydraulic thruster released disc braking system prepared for seamless integration into recently upgraded rubber mill production line.

  • Maritime Crane, Hoist Winch, Hoist Crane
    Band Brake Modernization for Crane

    Automated manual foot-pedal system using electrohydraulic thrusters allowing for remote crane operation with reliable braking even in cold climates.

  • an old overhead crane brake used on the crane travel drive - ideal to be replaced by a Hindon brake
    Overhead Crane Brake Retrofit

    Bolt-in thruster drum brake replaces failing electromagnetic brake while re-using the existing brake drum and minimizing customer downtime.