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Bin Vibrators

Bin Vibrators

Hindon provides rotary vibrators for the unloading of bulk materials from bins and hoppers. Our bin and hopper vibrators are ideal for unloading dry bulk materials, helping to eliminate clogs and sticking by providing a controlled material flow.

The Mounting of a Rotary Vibrator to a Bin or Hopper Must Be Rigid

Correct placement of rotary vibrators is essential to providing optimum material flow.

The best way to assure a rigid mount is to use channel stiffeners.

  • Select a channel of proper dimension (ie. length, width, and weight) to suitably stiffen the bin wall to which the vibrator is mounted. Stitch-weld the channel to the bin wall (ie. weld 3”, skip 1”, weld 3”, and so on). Mount vibrator to the channel at the correct location. NOTE: Do not weld the last 1” of either end of the channel or any corner. Prior to welding it is advisable to notch the channel where the vibrator will be mounted to allow easy access to the mounting bolts.
  • Correct placement of the vibrator(s) is dependent on the shape and size of the bin. In addition, determining the location of the blockage is also important. For a typical vibrator mounting, please refer to the sketch above.

To properly size a vibrator(s) for your specific application, please provide Hindon the following information:

  • General Shape & Dimensions of the Bin
  • Bin Wall Thickness
  • Material
  • Material Weight (in the sloped section of the bin)
  • Area on bin where material is sticking or blockage occurs (if applicable)

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