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Invicta Motor Vibrators

Invicta Motor Vibrators

For the past five decades Hindon has been a leading electromechanical vibrator supplier. Partnered with Invicta, our industrial vibrators are engineered tougher to withstand the combined effects of high operating loads, continuous duty cycles, and hostile environments.

From bin or hopper vibrators to larger models for the aggregate industry, Hindon/Invicta industrial vibrators are designed to operate in a range of hazardous and non-hazardous environments. When used in hazardous environments we offer a range of explosion proof vibrators which comply with the applicable ATEX or UL standard. They are also certified to comply with international safety standards.

We offer a wide variety of Invicta industrial vibrator series, some of these being the BL series, and FBL/FBLz base mounted series. Explore more options below:

Invicta Vibrator Models We Stock/Manufacture:

Industrial Electric Vibrators Explosion Proof Vibrators Pneumatic Piston Vibrators
Invicta BL 03-1/2 Invicta ULBK 21-5/2 Invicta BCAR40
Invicta BL 05-2/2 Invicta ULBK 26-14/4 Invicta BCIR 25
Invicta BL 15-3/4 Invicta ULBK 30-25/4 Invicta BSIR 70
Invicta BL 20-5/4 Invicta ULBK 40-35/4  
Invicta BL 24-14/4 Invicta ULBK 45-42/6  
Invicta BL 25-10/2 Invicta ULBK 50-45/8  
Invicta BL 30-18/4 Invicta ULBK 60-105/6  
Invicta BL 40-27/6 Invicta ULBK 75-150/8  
Invicta BL 45-50/6    
Invicta BL 50-75/6    
Invicta BL 60-90/8    
Invicta BL 75-150/8    

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As an electromechanical vibrator manufacturer Hindon/Invicta has been recognized as the worldwide standard for all of your material handling applications. Including but not limited to, Bin Dischargers and Hopper Flow Aids, Feeders and Conveyors, Aggregate Screening Equipment, Dewatering Screens/ Shale Shakers, Compaction Tables, and Vibratory Finishing Equipment.

Hindon has the solution for you vibratory needs. Submit an inquiry online or give us a call today at 1.800.754.1287 to receive a quote on your next Invicta Vibrator project.

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