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Invicta Shale Shaker Vibrators

Invicta Shale Shaker Vibrators

When operating in hazardous environments such as off shore drilling applications, Hindon / Invicta shale shaker vibrators are ideal for separation of solids and dewatering. These Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or “UL” approved base mounted vibrators are certified for use in Class 1 Hazardous Locations/Gases, Group C&D, and Class 2 Hazardous Locations/Dusts Groups E,F,&G.

Hindon / Invicta drilling mud shale shaker vibrators are built to withstand the combined effects of hostile operating environments and continuous duty cycles that typically accompany dewatering screens and shale shakers. Hindon has a wide variety of linear shale shaker vibrators capable of producing the required “G” Force for a given application.

Common Invicta Models associated with Shale Shakers:

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