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CB8-H1-100-315 CB8-E Compact Caliper Disc Brakes

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  • CB8-H1-100-315 CB8-E Compact Caliper Disc Brakes
CB8-H1-100-315 Specifications

CB8-H1-100-315 Overview

CB8-H1-100-315 Series CB8-E compact caliper disc brake is spring applied, standard model offers automatic lining wear compensation and an adjustable braking torque.


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Name CB8-H1-100-315
Brake Torque min. (N-m) 460
Brake Torque max. (N-m) 910
Brake Torque (N-m) 460 to 910 N·m
B - Thickness Standard 20 mm
D1 - Average Friction Diameter 255 mm
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter 315 mm
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter2 315
D3 - Max. Coupling or Hub Diameter 175 mm
B - Thickness Optional 12.7 mm
16 mm
25 mm
30 mm
No Preference
Optional Linings No Preference
size 200, Sinter
size 50, Organic
Options Manual release device
Switches "open"
Switches "pad wear limit"

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