emg thrustersAs an official partner of EMG Automation, Hindon provides comprehensive service and support for EMG’s Eldro and Elhy brands of electrohydraulic thrusters.

In addition to using EMG thrusters in our industrial braking systems, we stock commonly used thruster models and offer thruster repair services at our South Carolina facility.

EMG Thruster Brakes

Fail-safe brakes that use a thruster to release the brake are commonly known as thruster brakes. Thrusters can be used on a wide variety of spring-applied disc and drum braking systems and come in many different sizes and configurations.

The basic design of an EMG thruster involves a three-phase electric motor and a closed hydraulic system. When supplied power, the electric motor powers a centrifugal pump that generates hydraulic pressure to extend the piston rod and release the brake. If the thruster is turned off or power is lost, the piston rod retracts and the spring engages the brake.

Used in a variety of demanding industrial applications such as on steel mill cranes, port cranes, overland conveyors, and in mining applications, EMG thruster brakes are easy to commission and provide high operational reliability, particularly in applications with high duty cycle requirements.

Eldro Design

EMG Eldro components

Elhy Design

EMG Elhy components


As an EMG authorized repair center, Hindon services and repairs Eldro and Elhy thrusters at our South Carolina facility.

Click here to learn more about our thruster repair process.


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