emg thrustersHindon is proud to offer electrohydraulic thruster solutions that incorporate the Eldro and Elhy brands of thrusters from EMG. Since 1946, EMG has combined their knowledge and experience into their Eldro and Elhy electrohydraulic thrusters, making them a trusted name across the globe.

Thrusters are a critical component of a thruster brake, a type of industrial brake. Thruster brakes are a type of fail-safe brake that uses an electrohydraulic thruster to hold the brake open. When supplied power, the thruster piston rod extends and the brake is released. If the thruster is turned off or power is lost, the piston rod retracts and the spring engages the brake.

Used in a variety of demanding industrial applications such as on thruster brakes on steel mill cranes, port cranes, overland conveyors, and in mining applications, EMG thrusters are particularly suitable for applications with high cycle requirements. EMG Eldro and Elhy electrohydraulic thrusters provide unbeatable performance and reliability.

Electrohydraulic Thrusters

Designed for use with fail-safe braking systems, thrusters deliver smooth operation and superior performance while meeting the highest levels of safety for applications ranging from port cranes to mining.

EMG Eldro and Elhy Repair

Hindon repairs EMG Eldro and Elhy thrusters at its South Carolina facility. All repairs are warrantied and use only genuine OEM parts.