rft brakesHindon is proud to offer industrial braking solutions that incorporate the RFT / CR Roemer brand of industrial brakes.  RFT / CR Roemer has combined their knowledge and experience into their RFT / CR Roemer disc and drum brakes, making them a trusted name across the globe.

Used in a variety of demanding industrial applications such as on steel mill cranes, port cranes, overland conveyors, and in mining applications, RFT / CR Roemer brakes are particularly suitable for applications with high-torque requirements where their electrohydraulic thruster brakes provide exceptional performance and reliability.  These high-torque thruster brakes are suitable as service or emergency brakes for applications involving high circumferential speed and high operating cycles.

Industrial Fail-Safe Brakes

Featuring a diverse product offering and deep engineering expertise, Hindon delivers the best industrial fail-safe braking solution designed for your application’s unique requirements.