For over 30 years, Hindon has provided North American companies with unmatched service and support for all their Sibre brake needs. Whether specifying industrial brakes for new applications, providing spare parts and repair services, and everything in between, our ability to provide comprehensive commercial and technical support makes Hindon your company’s ideal Sibre partner.

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Hindon – Your Partner for Sibre Brakes

Simply put, our knowledge of Sibre brakes, laser focus on our niche and highly technical product categories, and our old-school commitment to customer service make us the ideal partner for U.S.-based OEMs, engineering firms, resellers, and end users of Sibre brakes.

  • Unmatched Knowledge of Sibre Brakes – With thousands of Sibre brakes sold over the past three decades, we have a detailed understanding of current and historical Sibre brake models. Our functional knowledge of the brakes, experience specifying these brakes for a range of industrial braking applications, and history of supporting customers with troubleshooting set us apart from any other supplier of Sibre brakes and make us uniquely able to support you throughout the product lifecycle (i.e., design, installation, troubleshooting, repair, parts supply, etc.).
  • Laser Focus on Industrial Brakes – As a provider of custom-engineered, application-specific braking solutions, industrial brakes are far from an afterthought for us or something we deal with on occasion. Instead, Industrial Brakes and Braking Systems are our core business. This laser focus on industrial brakes makes us uniquely able to provide unmatched comprehensive support for customers of all sizes, types, and industries with their industrial brake related needs.
  • Old-School Commitment to Customer Service – Our knowledgeable product experts and engineers are standing by ready to support in whatever your preferred means of communication may be (over the phone, via our Livechat, or email). With domestic stocking of common spare parts (with same day shipping available) and highly responsive and knowledgeable staff committed to customer service, we’re eager to play a part in keeping your operation running safely and efficiently. At Hindon, your company’s needs are important to us – we provide service that’s personal, not just transactional. 
Hindon’s engineering team in 1985

Hindon’s product experts and engineers have supported customers with Sibre brakes for over three decades

Overview of Common Sibre Brakes

TE / TE-I Series Brakes

These versatile spring applied electrohydraulic thruster released industrial drum brakes are used as service/holding brakes in a range of industries. They are robust (can be specified for a wide range of ambient conditions), easy to commission, and require minimal maintenance.

TE Sibre Brake

USB Series Brakes

These spring applied electrohydraulic thruster released industrial disc brakes can be used as service/holding brakes and as emergency brakes. USB series brakes provide many of the same advantages as Sibre’s industrial drum brakes, but are able to achieve higher torque values than drum brakes and can handle higher circumferential speeds.

USB Sibre Brake


CB8 Series

The compact design of these disc brakes make them ideal service brakes for use in applications with dimensional constraints and relatively high torque requirements.

CB8 Sibre Brake


SHI / SHI-FC Series Brakes

These spring applied hydraulically released industrial disc brakes are used primarily as emergency/safety brakes (installed on a gearbox output shaft) and are well suited for those applications due to their relatively fast response time and high torque output capability. These safety brakes are available in fixed and floating caliper arrangements.
SHI Sibre Brake

Spare Parts for Sibre Brakes

With a detailed knowledge of current and historical Sibre brake models, in combination with a commitment to holding domestic stock of many commonly used spare parts, Hindon is uniquely able to provide the spare parts support you need to keep your operation running safely and efficiently.

The most common spare parts for Sibre brakes include:

Sibre Brake Pads, Sibre Pads

Hindon stocks many commonly used brake pad sizes and other spare parts at our Charleston, SC facility.

Inspection & Repair

Hindon provides comprehensive inspection and repair services for Sibre brakes (including brake release thrusters).

Our inspection and repair process begins with a complete tear down inspection of the brake (or thruster), with the findings detailed in an inspection report that is provided to the customer along with a quote for the suggested repair.

When performing repairs, we use only factory-original spare parts to ensure a like-new repair. After the brake or thruster is repaired, it is subjected to a complete operational test including, based on the exact brake assembly in question, electrical amperage testing, hydraulic leak testing, and testing of components such as a wear compensator. The repaired brake assembly or thruster is then finish painted with machinery enamel paint and crated for return shipment to the customer.

Backed by decades of brake repair experience and unmatched product knowledge, we provide the best turnaround time and most comprehensive brake repair available. We encourage you to send us your Sibre brakes for guaranteed service and repair.


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