The EB (or Elhy) is an electrohydraulic thruster by EMG.

Thrusters are commonly used on thruster brakes, a type of industrial brake. Thruster brakes are fail-safe, meaning they are spring applied and use a thruster to release the brake. Thrusters work as follows: when supplied power, the thruster piston rod extends and the brake is released. If the thruster is turned off or power is lost, the piston rod retracts and the spring engages the brake.

Because of their unmatched safety and reliability, we use thruster disc and drum brakes in our industrial braking systems. Elhy thrusters are particularly well suited for use in applications with high duty cycle requirements.

We provide comprehensive support for Elhy thrusters. We stock commonly used EMG models, provide warrantied repair services, and provide full engineering and technical support.

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Product Specifications

NameEB 2500-60
Rated Stroke (mm)60
Rated Actuating Force (N)2500
Power Consumption (W)0.5
Current Input (A)0.7
Volume of Operating Fluid (L)9
Weight with Hydraulic Fluid (kg)32.8
s (mm)60
h6 (mm)40
b2 (mm)90
b3 (mm)40
b4 (mm)250
b5 (mm)110
b6 (mm)265
b7 (mm)100
d1 (mm)25.1
d2 (mm)25
h1 (mm)645
h2 (mm)30
h3 (mm)25
h4 (mm)152
h5 (mm)25
d3 (mm)25
b8 (mm)114
h6 (mm)107


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