The 65E is a spring applied electromagnetically released disc brake.

This electromagnetic fail-safe brake is designed for use as a service brake. Due to its compact design and torque adjustability, the 65E is a highly versatile brake that is used in a wide range of general industrial machinery applications.

Hindon also supplies control units that are designed to rectify and modulate the electric current that is used to release the brake. These control units are suitable for most common input voltages and are available in plate mounted and cabinet mounted configurations.

In addition to allowing for torque adjustability, the 65E can be equipped with automatic lining wear adjustment, “lining wear” limit switch, and “brake released” limit switch.

As with all brakes we sell, Hindon provides comprehensive evaluation and repair services for the 65E.

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Product Specifications

Name65E – 395
ActuationElectromagnetic Solenoid Released
Disc Dia - A (mm)395
Brake Torque (N-m)340
Power (W)900 impulse /30 Economy
Weight (kg)18
E (mm)213
F (mm)199
G (mm)60
J (mm)135

65E, Electromagnetic fail-safe disc brake. Spring applied electromagnetically released.

Commitment to service and support

Hindon is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our products and the people who depend on them. From initial consultation to inspection, maintenance, and repair services, our goal is to provide the right equipment for your application and to keep your product in top shape for its full lifecycle. If you’re not sure which product is right for your application, call or chat with one of our sales engineers.