The NHCD 1413 is a medium torque spring applied, hydraulically released, industrial disc brake.

This industrial brake is ideal for use as an emergency brake, where it is installed on an output shaft connected drive component, due to its fast response time and ability to handle higher rubbing speeds. It’s also commonly used as a holding brake where it can be a cost effective solution that requires minimal maintenance.

The NHCD is a fixed caliper model, meaning it uses a dual spring configuration. When compared to a comparable floating caliper brake, which uses a single spring configuration, fixed caliper brakes like the NHCD are ideal for applications with minimal space constraints. In situations where lateral space is limited, consider a comparable floating caliper model like an NHC brake.

This versatile fail-safe brake is used in a wide range of industrial applications including on hoists, cranes, and winches in ports, steel mills, and mining applications. It is also used on other types of material handling equipment, for instance in the pulp and paper industry.

Hindon provides full service and support for NHCD brakes, including helping you determine if this brake model is the best and most cost effective solution for your application. We also provide comprehensive brake repair services.

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Product Specifications

NameNHCD 1413 900mm
ActuationHydraulically Released
d2 - Disc Diameter (mm)900
Torque (N-m)36400
Clamping Force (N)130000
Min Release Pressure (MPa)19
Max Release Pressure (MPa)21
Release Stroke (mm)1 (each side)
Oil Volume (cm3)113 (each side)
Pad Surface (cm2)500 (each side)
Friction Coefficient0.4
Braking Force (N)104000
Weight (Kg)185
  • Brake Open Indicator;
  • Pad Wear Indicator;
  • Sintered or Organic Linings;
  • Special Painting

Fail-safe Hydraulic Brake, Fixed Caliper Disc Brake, Dual Spring Hydraulic Brake, Industrial Brake Model NHCD 1407-1410-1411-1413-1415

Diagram for Industrial Brakes NHCD 1407, NHCD 1410, NHCD 1411, NHCD 1413, NHCD 1415

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