The SHI 282 disc brake is a spring applied, hydraulically released, fixed caliper disc brake.

Advantages of this heavy-duty industrial caliper disc brake include its fast response time, high torque output, ability to produce a range of torque values with its externally adjustable air-gap.

This hydraulic disc brake is primarily used as a safety brake in holding and e-stop applications. As a safety brake, it is designed for braking on the output shaft. When compared to a comparable floating caliper brake, fixed caliper brakes are ideal for applications where space constraints don’t present an issue. Fixed caliper brakes also provide the advantage of being able to go longer without adjustment.

Hindon provides comprehensive support for SHI models including repair services and full engineering and technical support.

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Product Specifications

NameSHI 282 1400mm
ActuationHydraulically Released
d - Disc Diameter (mm)1400
Torque Max. (N-m)260850
Torque Min. (N-m)218550
Fa - Clamping Force at c = 1mm (N)555000
Fa - Clamping Force at c = 2mm (N)510000
Fa - Clamping Force at c = 3mm (N)465000
Pl - Release Pressure (bar)165
Pmax - Max Pressure (bar)205
Vmax - Volume at c=2.0mm (ltr)0.181
Weight (kg)900
Mounting Studs8, M42, 12.9
Ma - Fastening Torque (N-m)6200 at μ=0.14
Friction Coefficient0.4

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