TEXU 800-E Series TEXU spring applied twin caliper, fail safe disc brake generates zero overhung load or shaft bending movement.

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Product Specifications

NameTEXU 800-E
ActuationElectrohydraulic Thruster Released
Weight830 kg
Brake Torque min. (N-m)12500
Brake Torque max. (N-m)27000
Torque12500 to 27000 N-m
D - Diameter800 mm
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter2800
D3 - Diameter530 mm
A905 mm
B360 mm
E605 mm
F330 mm
H1270 mm
J1135 mm
J2270 mm
K1240 mm
K2475 mm
K3505 mm
L550 mm
M150 mm
N36 mm
R455 mm

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