The NAT is a spring applied, electrohydraulic thruster released, industrial drum brake.

This thruster drum brake fits brake drums with dimensions in imperial units (inches) and is designed according to steel mill standards (AISE Standard No. 11). Because of this, the NAT brake is an ideal “bolt-in” replacement for many older steel mill brakes. Braking torque is adjustable, enabling fine tuning when upgrading an existing braking system.

Hindon provides full support for NAT brakes including repair services and full engineering, technical, and application support.

We also support, stock, and repair the TH-III-1306 thruster used to actuate this brake.

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Product Specifications

ActuationElectrohydraulic Thruster Released
TQMin (N-m)1525
TQMax (N-m)3050
Weight (Kg)245
B2 (mm)286
B1 (mm)279
D1 (mm)584.2
D3 (mm)33.5
H3 (mm)403
I (mm)406
K (mm)298
A1 (mm)1217
A2 (mm)1150
A3 (mm)460
A4 (mm)430
B (mm)230
C (mm)240
F (mm)290
G (mm)25
H1 (mm)950
H2 (mm)934
J (mm)480
Friction Coefficient0.4

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Commitment to service and support

Hindon is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our products and the people who depend on them. From initial consultation to inspection, maintenance, and repair services, our goal is to provide the right equipment for your application and to keep your product in top shape for its full lifecycle. If you’re not sure which product is right for your application, call or chat with one of our sales engineers.