The TE is a spring applied, electrohydraulic thruster (ED 201/6) released, industrial drum brake.

This thruster brake is designed according to steel mill standards (DIN 15345 specification). This makes it suitable as a “drop in” replacement for older steel mill brakes.

Advantages of this industrial brake include its torque adjustability (which enables fine-tuning of the braking process), its ease of commissioning and maintenance, and its soft / impact-free operation. Because of its longevity, ability to handle high duty cycles, and ability to perform in a range of ambient conditions, this thruster drum brake is an ideal service brake in port applications (as a container crane brake), and on large movable structures (bridge brakes), in addition to the aforementioned steel mill applications.

Hindon provides comprehensive support for TE brakes including brake repair services for TE brakes.

We are also an official partner of EMG Automation. We stock commonly used thruster models at our South Carolina facility and perform warrantied repair services for EMG Eldro thrusters.

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Product Specifications

NameTE 710/201/6
ActuationElectrohydraulic Thruster Released
Weight268 kg
Brake Torque min. (N-m)500
Brake Torque max. (N-m)6300
Torque Range500 to 6300 N·m
Brake TypeTE 710
Thrustor SizesEd 201/6
Thrustor Sizes EBEB 2000-60
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter2710
A1500 mm
B240 mm
C1302 mm
D710 mm
E525 mm
F270 mm
G490 mm
H1100 mm
J2190 mm
K2450 mm
L470 mm
M332 mm
N15 mm
P265 mm
Q255 mm
R276 mm
Compensator Option
  • No Preference
  • With lining wear compensator
  • Without lining wear compensator

TE thruster drum brake, fail-safe industrial brake, spring applied electric release industrial brake, DIN 15435

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