Tpi 710/100, TPi Drum Brakes, fail-safe, pneumatic released

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Product Specifications

Name Tpi 710/100
Type Drum
Actuation Pneumatically Released
Weight 268 kg
Brake Torque min. (N-m) 500
Brake Torque max. (N-m) 9400
Torque Range 500 to 9400 N·m
Brake Type Tpi 710/100
Requested Pressure 6 bar
Pneumatic Cylinder Ø 100/80
D2 - Outer Disc Diameter2 710
A 1400 mm
B 260 mm
C 1302 mm
D 710 mm
E 525 mm
F 270 mm
G 490 mm
H 1100 mm
J2 190 mm
K2 450 mm
L 470 mm
M 332 mm
N 15 mm
P 265 mm
Q 255 mm
R 276 mm
Compensator Option
  • No Preference
  • With automatic wear compensator
  • Without automatic wear compensator

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