Invicta Vibrator’s HVL45-85/1000 is a hydraulic linear vibrator that uses two contra-rotating shafts that are mounted in parallel and driven independently. The shafts are locked together by a pair of mechanical gears to ensure pure linear motion is achieved.

HVL45-85/1000 has 4 adjustable weight settings.  Based on these settings, CF ranges from 13,200 lbs to 18,700 lbs, Working Moment ranges from 963 lb-in to 1346 lb-in, and Weight ranges from 752 lbs to 902 lbs.


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Product Specifications

Product SeriesHVL
Centrifugal Force (lbs)18700 lbs
Working Moment (x2) (lb/in)1346 lb-in
Weight (lbs)902 lb
A (in)30.91 in
B (in)0
C (in)26.38 in
D (in)6.30 in
E (in)24.25 in
F (in)15.12 in
G (in)8.11 in
H (in)0.24 in
J (in)1.02 in
K (in)1.02 in
L (in)17.48 in
M (in)7.83 in

HVL Hydraulic Vibrator - Hindon

HVL Hydraulic Vibrator Diagram - Hindon

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