Base-mounted L-Series rotary electric vibrator by Invicta Vibrators. This 4 pole industrial vibrator operates at 1800 RPM (nominal) in a 60 Hz Environment.

Due to its relatively small frame size and medium operating speed, this versatile model is used across multiple industries for promoting flow of moist or intermediate sized materials in bins or hoppers.

Related product: BLz 05-1/4.

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Product Specifications

Name BL 05-1/4
Type Industrial Electric
Product Series BL
Mount Base Mounted
Speed 4 Pole / 1728 RPM - 60Hz
Weight 19 lb
Centrifugal Force 220 lbs
Working Moment (x2) 5.2 in·lb
Input Watts 240 W
Output Watts 175 W
H.P. 0.23 hp
A 8.82 in
B 5.2 in
C 5.2 in
D 4 in
E 4 in
F 6.3 in
G 3.03 in
H 0.63 in
J2 4 x 0.41 in
K2 6.46 in
L 6.18 in
M 1.73 in
N M20 x 1.5-6H

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