Alternate foot pattern rotary electric vibrator by Invicta Vibrators. Designed to match MVSI 9-14500 and VV74B/8 bolt pattern providing convenient interchangeability.

This 8 pole industrial vibrator operates at 900 RPM (nominal) in a 60 Hz Environment.

This low operating speed model is ideal for use in applications that require larger stroke such as pan feeders and large aperture screens in the aggregate, mining, and metals recycling industries. Also, due to its ability to produce a large stroke, this model is often used in fluid bed dryers in the food industry.

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Product Specifications

NameIBL 60-70/8
TypeIndustrial Electric
Product SeriesIBL
MountBase Mounted
Speed8 Pole / 864 RPM - 60Hz
Weight (lbs)943.8
Centrifugal Force (lbs)15400
Working Moment (in·lb - (x2))1452.1
Input Watts5645
Output Watts4900
Full Load Current at 460V, 60Hz (A)12.1
Starting Current at 460V, 60Hz (A)85
A (in)33.31
B (in)12.60
C (in)18.11
D (in)9.84
E (in)14.96
F (in)19.29
G (in)9.21
H (in)2.76
J (in)6 x 1.535
K (in)18.90
L (in)18.90
M (in)7.40

Rendering of IBL product line (8 pole). Replacement for MM9 and MSVI 9 models.

Dimensional diagram for IBL product line (8 pole). Replacement for MSVI 9 and MM9 models.

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