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Automatic Braking Systems for Cooling Tower


Hindon has been a leading supplier of industrial brakes for over 40 years. We continue to service our clients by meeting their needs with the most advanced braking systems available. Our Automatic Braking System for Cooling Towers is no exception. We’ve designed this automatic braking system to withstand the challenges brought in by both a corrosive environment as well as a high wind situation. Our braking system is ideal for power plants, because it eliminates the need for an operations person to be physically present on the tower to manually lock down the fans. This system enables power plants; for instance, to continue running in high winds which can prevent thousands of dollars in lost production.

Cooling Tower Breaking System

Multiple types of cooling towers can use our braking system as long as they use both a motor and gearbox to drive the fan. Some of these are: natural draft cooling towers, mechanical draft, cross flow, and counter flow cooling towers. The system is the same for all towers, yet the torque level and brake size required depends on the size of the fan.

Our automatic cooling tower braking system can prevent you from having to shut down your plant early during a storm situation, by taking into account the following features:

  • • Automatic lock function: no need to manually lock fans
  • • Automatic adjustment for lining wear
  • • Passive adjustable time delay
  • • No bending moment on motor shaft

This type of braking system can serve any industry that uses a cooling tower for their process environment, whether they are: power plants, petroleum refineries, scrap metal material handling plants, petrochemical plants, steel mills, natural gas processing plants, or food processing plants.

The OSHA requirements limiting access to normal manual braking systems when wind speeds exceed 40 mph, will no longer stop your plant’s production. Our experienced staff has the industry and application expertise to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers' application and offers full support from the initial consultation through installation and follow-up services. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you find the right Automatic Cooling Tower Braking System for your facility.

Cooling Tower Breaking System