Hindon proudly provides comprehensive technical and commercial support for Elephant Brakes by Rietschoten.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Hindon serves its primarily North American customer base by providing unmatched product knowledge and application expertise. With a deep understanding of Rietschoten’s products and a close relationship with the manufacturer, Hindon is naturally a leading provider of these high quality brakes and braking components to the North American market.

Not only does Hindon support Elephant Brakes in the aftermarket, but Hindon also provides application-specific industrial braking systems that incorporate the Elephant Brakes brand of industrial brakes.

Industrial Disc Brakes

Focused exclusively on industrial disc brakes and related components, Rietschoten offers a wide range of high quality brakes including pneumatic brakes, hydraulic brakes, and mechanical/manual brakes available in both actively applied and fail-safe (spring applied) configurations.

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