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Conveyor Braking System


When dealing with long overland, inclined or declined conveyors that may have several hundred-meter drops, stopping large loads of material can be a challenge, and hazardous. Regardless of your application’s terrain, Hindon can help you find the most efficient and safe braking system that also meets your project’s required load capacity. Hindon has seasoned experts ready to help you find the conveyor braking system of your needs.

Over the years our conveyor belt braking systems have served various industries, some being: the coal, mining, aggregate and quarry material handling, shipping material handling, and power plant industries.

Depending on the project’s application, Hindon offers Spring Applied, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electromagnetic and Electrohydraulic Released, Drum or Caliper Disc conveyor brakes. We can supply the complete package of brakes, drum or disc couplings and control/feedback systems you might need. These brakes are available in the following brands: Antec, SHB, Pizzamiglio, Ringspann, and SIBRE.

Our brakes are not only low maintenance but also offer “soft braking control” capabilities, depending on the application. Some of our product highlights are that the brakes can offer controlled braking capabilities independent of unloading and load positions. They also offer braking control capabilities related with time or distance, adjustable brakes for ramp and curves, and have a controlled start-up.

For each project, we take into consideration the size of the your conveyor; the load, the desired stopping time, as well as its desired duty cycle. If a conveyor belt is small, we typically recommend using drum brakes, and for larger or higher speed conveyors we recommend using disc brakes. You can be assured that each of our conveyor braking systems will be fully analyzed and defined by a CEMA calculation.

When choosing a conveyor braking system, you can count on Hindon to be your trusted source. We have a huge variety to offer as well as the knowledge and experience to select the correct brake for any conveyor.

For any further questions contact us and learn how we can help you find the right conveyor braking system for your facility.