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Fail Safe Brakes

Fail Safe Brakes

Fail safe brakes are used for specific applications that require the brakes to stop motion in the event of a loss of power or perhaps a fault with the variable frequency drive or PLC in a drive system.

Fail safe brake systems are commonly used for holding or e-stop applications such as:

  • Overland or Downhill Conveyor Systems
  • Mining, Construction, or Oil Derrick Winches
  • Container Crane Main Hoist, Boom Hoist & Trolley Travel Service and Emergency Brakes
  • Steel Mill Rolling & Coiling Systems, as well as Overhead Crane Hoist, Bridge and Trolley Travel Brakes
  • Draw Bridge and Bascule Bridge Service Brakes
  • Radar Antenna Azimuth and Elevation Positioning Applications
  • Elevator and Escalator Applications


Hindon has a variety of fail safe brake mechanisms and types available that are designed to prevent a potentially catastrophinc “runaway” situation in the event of a power failure or major fault in a control system. 

Below are some examples of our leading fail safe products:

Fail Safe Brakes
Compact Caliper Disk Brakes
Torque Thruster Disc Brakes
Floating Caliper Disc Brakes
Fixed Caliper DIscs Brakes
Twin Caliper Disc Brakes
Thruster Released Drum Brakes
Hydraulically Released Drum Brakes
Pneumatically Released Drum Brakes
Electromagnetic Released Drum Brakes

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