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Roplex Rotary Dischargers

Because some materials such as marley limestone, sludge, and clay do not respond well to vibration the Hindon/Roplex rotary discharger was developed. As material enters the process bin through the product inlet, it flows down to the internal cone. The rotating discharge arm creates an upward, material displacement wave in the cone annulus. This wave causes even difficult material to flow to the table surface. The reclaim arm then moves the material below the cone, along the arm's leading edge, until it drops through the product outlet. This process allows for several advantages including first in, first out material flow, gentle handling of material, and repeatable, accurate discharge rates creating consistency in operation.


Roplex Rotary Discharger

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Roplex Rotary Discharger

The Hindon Roplex Rotary Discharger is a live bottom feeder that offers a proven solution to old flow problems. This revolutionary product was designed as a simple, low maintenance feeder that solves many material flow problems that other feeders cannot.

Live bottom screw feeders that don't work are sometimes replaced by our roplex rotary dischargers.

  • Ideal for large storage applications of cohesive and sticky products such as moist limestone, fine coal, sewage sludge and clay mixtures.
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    The Roplex Micro Feeders created by Hindon are the ideal solution to material flow issues when handling powders and other fine materials.
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